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Download Free Games Fishing

Fishing Craze Game

Fishing Craze by GameHouse

Fish aggressively across the country as you go head to head against other anglers in multiple levels of competition. Gamehouse offers this game free of charge to try out their FunTicket trial. Even if you cancel you keep the game!
PROS: Full screen rich graphics and an addictive gameplay. We love the three tier tournament play.
CONS: No cons to speak of.
Trophy Bass 3D

Trophy Bass 3D by Vivendi Universal Games

If you're familiar with the Trophy Bass series of fishing games, then you will be at no disadvantage at getting up to speed with this one. After Trophy Bass 2 they came out with an improved 3D rendered game engine and put it to work in this classic.
PROS: Good graphics for it's time and standard controls that have become standard thanks to Vivendi's efforts.
CONS: Takes too long to land fish. I'd rather cast all day than fight the fish in this game.
Flysim Fly Fishing Game

Flysim Fly Fishing Game by FlySim.Com

You think you've seen it all? Well here is something you've NEVER seen before. This very special game has incredible real-life physics and feel as you practice your fly casting. Produce incredible fly casts at fish that produce realistic behaviors. An absolute must to download.
PROS: Extraordinary realism. There is no other game in the market quite like this. Just download it and give it a go.
CONS: I'm a bass fisherman at heart, how bout some tournament competition?
Trophy Bass 4

Trophy Bass 4 by Vivendi Universal Games

Meet the mother of all PC bass fishing games. This game set the standard for playability and fishability. Though a bit outdated today, this game still provides tons of fun with the most classic fishing controls of any fishing game.
PROS: One of the neatest features of this game is the large library of fishing tips and videos from the pros. When you play this game, you learn how to fish in real life as well. Challenging fish fighting too.
CONS: Not much for a 3D environment and casting can be a bit tricky or annoying, depending on your patience level.
Rapala Pro Fishing Screenshot

Rapala Pro Fishing by Activision

All serious fisherman know how good the Rapala Company is at making lures. It seems they've put their name on yet another great fishing product, but this time it's a video game!
PROS: Some of the best graphics for a fishing game we've seen yet. Drive fast bass boats and air boats. You can even fish with some nice looking ladies.
CONS: Controls are a bit simplistic for avid gamers and the online play is merely score keeping.
In-Fisherman Freshwater Trophies

In-Fisherman Freshwater Trophies by Global Star Software

I knew you always wanted to be one of the Lindner's, but without the thick Minnesota accent of course! Well here is your chance! Become an In-Fisherman and flip those big boys in the boat.
PROS: Can fish both bass and walley tours. Both Al and James Lindner had a large role in the creation and development of the game engine!
CONS: The stunning graphics made up for any shortcomings that may have arised with lure selection and rigging options.
Outdoor-Life Sportsman's Challenge

Outdoor-Life: Sportsman's Challenge by Global Star Software

This is where Sim-City meets it's backwoods yokel cousin! Build the ultimate hunting and fishing destination, controlling every aspect of your massive plot of land and water. Market your outdoor paradise to rednecks across the country and watch it flourish with big bucks and monster bass!
PROS: Beautiful 3D environments and full control over buildings and services. This game is fun just to take in the scenery and watch the action.
CONS: I would have liked to have seen more AI interaction, but that's it!
Pro Bass Fishing 2003

Pro Bass Fishing 2003 by Atari

Atari's bass fishing game has many nice features including LAN play with friends and even online internet play with GameSpy Arcade, a popular online gaming portal. A good selection of northern and southern lakes, you'll never know what could be at the end of your line.
PROS: Being able to play over LAN and online through GameSpy Arcade is a definite plus! Bringing fishing to online competition is a great addition.
CONS: Compared to a lot of the newer fishing games, the graphics could be better, but it's fun and fast rendering.
Pro Bass Fishing Game

Pro Bass Fishing by Atari

This was the first bass fishing game from the Atari development team. It's big success spurred the 2003 version above. Even if you have the 2003 version, it's still fun to play the original. You will find that fish are much harder to catch in this version as well.
PROS: Simple, Fast and Classic. Die-hard gamers know these words mean business! A Classic for online anglers.
CONS: Once again, compared to the newer games, controls and 3D environments don't match up. What do you expect for a game this old though.

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