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Cheat Leaf 4 Dead 2

Select Options > Keyboard/Mouse. Enable Allow Developers Console. Press '~' to activate the console.

tongue_range <#> - (Default 750) Sets the maximum range of the smoker's tongue attack
z_pounce_damage X - amount of damage you want to do to survivors
z_witch_burn_time - Amount of time before a burning Witch dies from fire (does not effect caused by fire)
z_health - Change zombie health
z_speed - Change Zombie speed
director_no_human_zombies 0/1 - Disables/enables controllable Boss Infected on any map
director_panic_forever 0/1 - Enables/Disables never ending panics
director_force_panic - Forces a panic event
give ammo - Full Ammunition
give pistol - Get pistol
impulse 101 - Give Ammo to your primary weapon
give autoshotgun - Give auto shotgun
give first_aid_kit - give first aid kit
give health - give full health
give gascan - give gascan
give hunting_rifle - give hunting rifle
give molotov - give molotov
give oxygentank - give oxygentank
give_pain_pills - give pain pills
give pipe_bomb - give pipe bomb
give propanetank - give propanetank
give rifle - give you an MK 47 ( machine gun )
z_spawn weapon_SMG - give you the SMG
god - invincibility
buddha 1 - just like god but you receive damage (sometimes if you are the only survivor left, you can't receive damage from infected
sb_openfire or open_fire (console will tell) - makes your bot teammates shoot nonstop
director_no_mobs <1/0> - No mob rushes
firstperson - Play in first person (default), this cheat only necessary if thirdperson mode is enabled
Ent_Remove - Removes all bots
z_witch_damage <#> - Sets the amount of damage a Witch's attack does
thirdperson_mayamode - sets the camera to be fixed in place whle in either third person or third person shoulder mode. Enter once to turn on and enter again to turn off
thirdperson - sets the camera to be in third person mode
thirdpersonshoulder - sets the camera to over the shoulder third person mode
z_common_limit - sets the maximum amount of regular zombies
z_tank_health <#> - sets the maximum health of the tank
z_frustration_lifetime <#> - sets the number of seconds until the player loses control of the tank from not attacking survivors
sb_friendlyfire <1/0> - sets whether or not bots (and only bots) are allowed to do friendly fire damage
director_stop - Shuts off all wanderers, mobs, specials, and bosses
z_spawn zombie - spawn 1 zombie
boom - spawn a active pipebomb under you
z_spawn - spawn a special infected
z_spawn mob - spawn a zombie horde
z_spawn boomer - spawn boomer at location of crosshair
z_spawn hunter - spawn hunter at location of crosshair
z_spawn smoker - spawn smoker at location of crosshair
z_spawn tank - spawn tank at location of crosshair
noclip - Toggles no clipping mode
z_witch_allow_change_victim <1/0> - True/false setting that allows the witch to change targets instead or focus on the one survivor that alerted her first
sv_infinite_ammo 1 - unlimited ammunition

Entry Location:

Open steam. Go to my games. Click the Left 4 dead 2 icon once, and then press *Properties* next to *Launch*. Then open: Set launch options; and simply type in: -console. When you open the game next time the editors/cheat console will be open.(NOTE: The console will disappear until you re-start the game unless you bind a key to it)(OBSERVE: punctuation such as : , ; . _ or * shall not be typed into the *set launch options* console)

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