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Cheat Insaniquarium

Misc. Codes

Type the following at any tank screen:
all fish "look" deadzombie
backround is now "space"space
backround is now a blank white screenvoid
Bubbles rise from the bottom of the tankB
changes Breeder fish's birth noisewelovebetatesters
changes preggo's birth noisesupermegaultra
displays time on tanktime
tank backround waveswavy

Sandbox Mode

Enter at the main screen, after you have the silver trophy. Note: use arrow keys for the listed directions.
Unlocks Sandbox Modepress: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a


Bonus Pets and Limits

UnlockableHow to Unlock
4 Pet LimitPurchase between levels for 40,000
7 Pet Limit in VT onlyPurchase between levels for 45,000
Brinkley the Scuba-Diving ElephantPurchase between levels for 20,000
Nostradamus the Nose-FishPurchase between levels for 25,000
Stanley the Startingly Small Sea-SerpentPurchase between levels for 30,000
Walter the PenguinPurchase between levels for 35,000


UnlockableHow to Unlock
GoldUnlock all stories from challenge mode
SilverGet all 4 bonus pets, 4 pet limit, and 7 pet VT limit

Unlockable pets

Beat any level in adventure mode to get the coressponding pet.
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Amp the Electric EelBeat 4-2
Angie the AngelfishBeat 4-4
Blip the PorpoiseBeat 3-4
Clyde the JellyfishBeat 2-1
Final boss fightBeat 4-5
Gash the SharkBeat 4-3
Gumbo the Angler-FishBeat 3-3
Itchy the SwordfishBeat 1-3
Meryl the MermaidBeat 2-4
Niko the OysterBeat 1-2
Nimbus the Manta RayBeat 4-1
Prego the Momma FishBeat 1-4
Presto-chango, tadpole extrordinaireBeat 5-1
Rhubarb the Hermit CrabBeat 3-5
Rufus the CrabBeat 2-3
Seymour the TurtleBeat 3-1
Shrapnel the Mecha-FishBeat 3-2
Stinky the SnailBeat 1-1
Vert the Skeleton FishBeat 2-2
Wadsworth the WhaleBeat 2-5
Zorf the SeahorseBeat 1-5

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